How to Make Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Do you really know that you too can Make Regular Income for just Publishing books Amazon Kindle inform of Ebooks - Those who want to learn about it are also welcome.
How to Make Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks

I’ve been on KDP for over a year now and I can honestly say it is the most convenient way to make money on the internet. It has more advantages than any other online money making system that I know (I know what I’m saying). Started internet business in 2009 and I’ve done almost everything, Adsense, Adsense domain, blogging, CPA, affiliate marketing, article writing and more.

Kindle will not make you rich overnight but IT CAN MAKE YOU RICH. I love it because it is a set-it-and-forget-it system. Once your books are up, you do not have to do anything again. Amazon will publish it, market it and send you your monthly payments for life and I really mean for life. The books I put up in 2012 are still generating sales up till today.

I uploaded my first book middle of June 2012 and another one a week later. My sales that month were $151 in the USA marketplace and £9 in UK and I have not stopped since. Now I have close to 30 books in the system. They would have been more but there were some challenges on the way – all of which we have overcome as of now. (By the way I had 11 Adsense websites up till 2012 but I had to let the hosting expire because I discovered KDP).

I have books that sold more than 400 copies in one month (at $2+ profit per sale) and some that only sold a few. However, it has been an interesting journey and we are still going on. I started by doing most of the work by myself but later moved into outsourcing.

I have searched on Nairaland and I am surprised that people are not talking about Kindle publishing. If you have been struggling to make some cash online, this may be the thing that will give you your first taste of success.

Kindle publishing is completely legal, you will use your real names, no changing of IP address and your money will be sent to you here in Nigeria.
If you are ready to do the work and get good books into the KDP system, the rewards are truly tremendous. I sleep and wake up to check the number of people that have bought my books in countries I have never been to.

One thing I like about Kindle Publishing is that no one can swindle you – no apologies to our so called Naija information marketers.

I am going to make a few more points before we continue. If I get a lot of responses on this thread, we are going to have an interesting journey together.

1) Get Ready To Do Some Work. Kindle publishing is not for people who are not ready to work. If you do not have money to outsource the books, you must be ready to research, write, format, design covers and upload all by yourself. Even if you have the cash of outsourcing, you must cross-check every material carefully before uploading to KDP.

2) Be Patient. You can make some good money with your first book but it is not always so. I usually advice beginners to go for 5 books at the start. The internet marketing world is filled with people who want to make $1000 overnight. No matter how good the system you are using is, time is needed to perfect your skills and make the system work for you. At the end of the day the rewards will be tremendous.

3) Don’t Cut Corners. In the IM world, we have what we call White hat, Grey hat and Black hat. I am happy to tell you that KDP is totally WHITE HAT. You cannot cut any corners. If you mess with them by trying to upload stolen materials, you will be banned (Some of you may remember the Adsense Domain Mass banning). Of course, they will give you the chance to defend yourself but since you will not have any proof, your account may be suspended.

PS- You don’t need to play any tricks with KDP. If you do it right, you will be greatly rewarded. There are many stories I can tell you. There was a particular book I uploaded around September 2012. It was selling the normal 30 to 40 copies per month. Suddenly in December, the sales picked up and it continued up till March this year with the lowest month bringing in about 259 sales.

4) Your Income Is Guaranteed. Once your book is uploaded, you will continue to get paid as long as it sells. All the work you will do is at the beginning then you continue to have recurrent income.
5) You Do Not Have To Do Any Marketing. I have books in various genres and no external marketing has been done on them. Nothing like Twitter, Facebook, blogging bla bla bla. Everything you need is inside the Amazon system.

6) Starting Is the Hardest Part – Once you understand the system, you can be uploading as many books as you like per week or per month. One of the people that started with me has over 50 books already and all his income comes from Amazon (here in Nigeria). Imagine 50 books making just 10 sales each per month. If your profit is $2 per book, that is $1000/month. The more books you upload, the more money you will make. One of my American friends has over 100 books in his account and he’s presently building up his wife’s account to the same number.

Step 1. Register
  • Go over to kdp.amazondotcom (replace dot with .) and open an account. This first step is necessary so you can commit yourself to the project.
  • -Use an email that you open frequently because they will communicate with you.
  • -Use your real names, real Nigerian address and other relevant details.

Step 2. Research
  • Research is one of the crucial aspects of success with Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Go to Google and enter Amazon Bestsellers in the search box. Click on the Amazon bestseller result to go to Amazon.
  • Once you are there, click on the kindle category, then kindle eBooks and start searching for books that are selling.
  • There are other research methods but this is my favorite.

Step 3. Write Or Outsource The Content
  • Get materials and write quality content for your books. The content must be original or your book will not be published. 
  • Ensure you proofread properly. Kindle readers will kill you with bad reviews if there are a lot of errors.

Step 4. Design A Cover
  1. Just check other books in the category you chose and make a similar cover.

Step 5. Format The Book Properly
  • Formatting is another aspect that can easily mar your work. In fact some people are offering this service online and they are making a lot of money from it. You need to know the right way to format so the book will work well on different types of mobile devices apart from the Kindle Reader. Amazon provides extensive information on this topic.

Step 6. Write A Good Description

  • This is self explanatory. Your description could be two or three paragraphs or more. This is what will represent your sales page so you need to do it well.

Step 7. Upload Your Book To KDP

  • At This Point I Will Need Questions So We Can Continue.
  • This is just a 5% summary of what it takes to make it in Kindle.
  • If you are following this thread, you can start your own Kindle journey immediately and I’ll assist as much as I can. If you just want to “gist”, I will not have much time for you

Conclusion, they say hard-work yield results but I say smart work bring result results. Love this article? Help us share!

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