Buy Car Insurance Online in Nigeria - The Insurance Market Place

Buy Car Insurance Online in Nigeria: Your car isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. That said, owning a car also that said, owning a car also exposes you to various risks ranging from bumper bashes and scratches to breakdowns, accidents, and theft.

Buy Car Insurance Online in Nigeria - The Insurance Market Place

In response, there are lots of car insurance packages designed to take the stress out of driving.

Stay secure on the road with AXA Motor Insurance that covers your vehicle against damages, theft and third party liabilities and comes with personal accident cover as well.

Where to buy Car Insurance Online in Nigeria?

Discover best deals of motor insurance plans online at Jumia and take advantage of the convenience that comes with the various packages from AXA Mansard insurance. Obtain one out of the various motor insurance plans online and get to enjoy third party cover for vehicles, property damage, bodily injury & death and more at reasonable prices.

On the other hand, don’t put your life on the line, get one of our utmost motor insurance plans that covers your vehicle. So if you crash into someone’s vehicle, this insurance covers the third party’s vehicle or if the third party is injured the insurance plan covers it. You won’t ask for anything better getting car insurance online is a privilege brought to you by Jumia.

Vehicle Insurance Available on Jumia

Jumia updates you with the best car insurance plans that saves you the headaches and claims made against you by other drivers after an accident. AXA Mansard car insurance cover guarantees fast claims in no time. Select from our wide range of motor insurance available at your finger tip - just a click away.

Surf a world of ease with Jumia providing motor insurance services at your fingertips, Get one of our motor insurance plans today and you have nothing to worry about, AXA Mansard will put her life on the line for you. Let’s help you chart the course of your life and you would not regret it. At Jumia you can trust us with the best insurance services online. Get quality life insurance plans on Jumia at affordable price and you’d be glad you did.


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