What to Consider Before Selecting Benue State University as your First Choice Institution

The journey into a university is not an easy one. Many struggles to see themselves in this prestigious institution of learning, only a few out of thousands get to be admitted.

The performances of students in this state-owned institution are relatively good on average, though some faculties record poor performances in recent times.

Newcomers (students) may not understand the dynamic nature of some faculties and professional courses.

What to Consider Before Selecting Benue State University as your First Choice Institution

Massive carryovers/spillovers seem to be the order of the day, students face frustrations which sometimes result in poor performances and low self-esteem.

Some students graduated with Certificates of Attendance; others were advice to withdraw due to poor performances.

These anomalies can be corrected if students were ready to pay the price. Not because students are not intellectually sound but because the demands of some courses are tedious and complicated to meet.

Since new entrants are not vast in what they bargained for, the first-year result which is the bedrock and foundation of the Cumulative Gross Point Average (CGPA) suffers setbacks.

And the resultant effect may linger to 400level or beyond. Once the hundred level CGPA is on solid ground, the next three or four years will be a walkover if consistency and hard work were maintained

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To minimize these challenges, we have put some factors applicants should consider before selecting Benue State University as their first choice of study.

1. Determination: Before you select Benue State University, must go through all the challenges that may come your way.

Determination to do extraordinary things don’t come easy, courage and will-power will surface when ready, and the inner mind will welcome the worst when occasions demand for that. This is the key factor if one was to succeed in Benue State University.

2. Understanding the course of Study: Here lies a challenge, there are many courses in this institution, understanding what you are about to put yourself in is paramount.

Understanding the course of study entails having a preview or background on the preferred profession.

An applicant who does not comprehend the basics of his/her course to be studied may need a miracle to graduate with the needed first class or second class upper division, (these are the two classes of degree that mostly suits employers in the labour market).

For instance, for those applicants wanting to study Accountancy, Law Medicine and Surgery, to mention but a few must-have good foundations in them.

3. The Technicalities Involved: All professions have their own technicality, understanding these technicalities is a critical step to achieving success. In the Accounting department, the techniques there are a little beat hard but can be mastered.

These technicalities are not to deferent from that of statistics. Intending students must understand the terrain in a profession if they were to succeed.

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4. Money: As a state-owned institution, the fee is not too different from other states universities. In fact, Benue State University is relatively cheaper.

Food, Clothing and shelter are cheap, though their prices depend on individual taste and preference. An average middle-class family can afford to send children for studies.

5. Influence: This is not a new trend, there is no high institution in the world where bad influence doesn’t exist. Bad influence happened where a company is false.

The company one keeps will play either a positive or negative role in his/her academic activities. It is advisable to hold on to people with shard vision and mission.

6. Located in the heart of town, backed by one of the longest river in Nigeria, BSU is in a serene environment, suitable for all.

Intending students who love exotic locations should see this as a suitable first choice university.

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