Why Your ICAN Exams Never Works Out the Way You Plan

The introduction of a new syllabus in the 2021 diet, had made the game even tougher. The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) is now internationally recognized, following the adoption of western standard.

Why Your ICAN Exams Never Works Out the Way You Plan

ICAN, a professional body known for producing excellent Chartered Accountants, had come up with super standards to meet foreign demands. Hence, the exams become stricter. The maker of exams script now formularize by using Projector screen.

The average pass rate is below 50%, which is not encouraging, students seat multiple times to clear a subject. Some aggrieved students who had sat for long, feel marginalized and left behind.  Similarly, some students have abandoned the idea of taking the exams, due to Poor Performance.

Why are ICAN exams scary?

Why is ICAN exam scary?  One must understand, acquiring a professional certificate as an Associate Chartered Accountant comes with a grave price.  

In some cases, students don’t put the right study attitudes to this exam. They express fear, trade blames and doesn’t study as required by ICAN.

The nature of the exam makes it different from other professional examinations. It is impossible to cheat and get away with it, many students fail to understand this.

Demands of the professional body. Probably, the demands are hard to meet. Only few are ready to pay the price.

The success they say comes with a great price. Students who aspire to get Professional Certification as an Associate Chartered Accountant must study as never before.


To what extent are the reasons why your ICAN exams never work out the way you plan? The answer to this question may not be far-fetched.

Not Getting the Latest Update on Changes of Syllabus: Every four (4) years, ICAN changes her syllabus. These dynamic changes affect the structures and demands of the exams. It is reviewed with International Best Practices. Some topics are added.

While in some cases, topics are removed. Due to these changes, the style of the exam takes a new leaf.  ICAN Exams never go in their favour. Knowing the Changes and making out solid preparations is key to success.

More Reasons

Not Using Study Packs and Recommended Textbooks: Around 80% of the topics are in the study packs. Understanding the study packs is paramount.

While questions may be lifted directly or indirectly from the pact, students are must to go through the contents of the study packs.

Poor Preparations: Your ICAN exams may never work out if you don’t prepare well, Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance. The right preparation must be met.

Having sleepless night and restless days in the name of studies is not tantamount to success. Putting the right study formula that best suits the situation matter a lot. Take your time, study effectively.


  • Ignoring ICAN Study Centers: One greatest mistake students make is to ignore Approved ICAN study centres. Relying on will-power or oneself is a strategic mistake.
  • You need 30% knowledge from tutorial centres, while 70% come from your personal studies. 
  • Study centres uncover experiences, expose practical and analytical answers to questions.
  • Not Making Use of ICAN Past Questions and Answers: Your expected results may never emerge if you fail to examine yourself using past questions and answers. 
  • Past questions and answers strengthen your weakness, serves as a guide to approach similar questions. After your studies. You should test yourself. Correct all possible error be entry the exam hall. 
  • With all these tips at your finger, ICAN exams will be a walkover. Corrections made and actions executed. Achieving your dream as an Associate Chartered Accountant may just be a step away


Some ignorant students have the wrong narratives about ICAN exams. These narratives may have discouraged intending students from taking this exam. Never believe these taboos.

ICAN Exams only favour Southerners: The wrong statement, ICAN is not biased, does not show sentiment.

Anyone who puts the right attitudes to study, pay the price through hard work, will certain ‘fly-in-colour’. Mischief makers would want you to believe only Yorubas passes ICAN exams.

You Have to Be in Lagos to Succeed: Totally wrong. There are many ICAN study centres all over the nation. Well equipped with tutors.

You Can Easily Cheat by bribing Script Makers:  This is impossible. No such thing has happened before, during and after the exams. There are strict rules and procedures followed during the making of the script.

ANAN is Better Than ICAN: Sentimental minds come up with an unnecessary comparison. One should not mistake an apple for an orange. The two bodies have different mission and vision

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